12 slides. 20 seconds each. A lightning-fast new presentation format, brought to you by the VCFA MFA in Graphic Design Program...

(and it's pronounced "focaccia").

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  • Presentations... Faster

    After using the PechaKucha™ format for a year and a half, we decided to iterate on the original and introduce our own presentation format. Our program somehow ballooned to forty-plus students and we needed a platform which promoted ideas with an economy of time.

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  • Less is more.

    Four minutes is a generous amount of time for an elevator pitch or in summing up the overarching themes of a semester's worth of independent study.

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  • Free Love

    We have designed the Fauxkucha format to be shared evenly, equally, and with no demands. Non-Japanese people don't know how to say "PechaKucha" properly anyway, so why not confuse the issue?

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Who are you people?

The MFA in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts allows students to earn a master's degree through a combination of weeklong residencies on campus and six-month semesters of concentrated work that is guided by faculty advisors. Our dynamic, award-winning faculty hail from all over North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Get a feel for the VCFA community at our program blog, Perpetual Beta. Within, we post interviews, essays and news from some of the most cutting edge designers globally.

The Perp!

Our 2-year Program

The two-year MFA Program in Graphic Design at VCFA is designed for graduate students with backgrounds and/or baccalaureate degrees in a graphic design field. The two-year program is designed to allow for sustained study and critical thinking associated with graduate level education. Attention will be given to the development of specific communication strategies through graphic design, as well as to critical thought and content generation.

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Our 3-year Program

The three-year MFA Program in Graphic Design at VCFA is designed for graduate students with backgrounds in liberal arts, fine arts, and sciences. In the three-year program, the first year is designed to bolster students’ strengths and critical abilities in typography, image making, and design history, theory and authorship. Upon completion of the initial year of study, students complete two more years of study at the level of their peers in the two-year program.

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Freshly baked content! Sophisticated form! Rigorous synthesis! Open 24/7!

Our school website VCFA.EDU and our program blog PERPETUALBETA.VCFA.EDU are available for you to check out anytime!.

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"At VCFA, I became particularly interested in the role that design plays in the larger system of interdependencies that comprises contemporary culture: why we do the things we do, why we think the way we think, and how we came to be the way we are. I think that it is necessary to look at history in order to speculate about our present and future."
- VCFA alumnus Laura Rossi Garcia

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